Crafting your snare drum

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The snare drum is the primary drum. It is obviously where the drummer needs the widest range of sounds, and the most sensitive response.

Guillaume Carballido understands the centrality of the snare, and custom crafts each drum shell by hand.  

Just as each drummer has their own rhythm, style, and aesthetic, each Carballido snare drum has its own quality and energy.

Guillaume Carballido - Luthier in Montpellier - France  -   guillaume.carballido (at) / +33 682 851 491

Each drum is signed, with the mention of the customers name.

On your request, you can have pictures of the building process

of your own drum.

Original-designed lugs are made from aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel. Titanium tubes available.

To begin the journey of crafting your own snare drum, contact :

Guillaume invites you to collaborate with him to create your custom drum. This process is rich and full of possibilities. He will guide you through the choices of size, material, design, and sound architecture.  Dig deeply into this creative process and you may discover what you have always desired from your instrument.