Wood secrets

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What is the secret to beautiful sound ? Less is more.

Luthiers, the craftsmen who make violins, guitars, and other stringed instruments, have followed this fundamental principle of sound : the least material for the best sound. To produce the most dynamic and rich notes, you must select the right quality and quantity of wood.  Anything extra dampens the sound. 

Guillaume Carballido - Luthier in Montpellier - France  -   guillaume.carballido (at) gmail.com / +33 682 851 491

The result is a full, warm, and clear sound. 

Carballido drums are extremely responsive drums with balanced overtones, and rich notes across a wide dynamic range. 

Hand shaped and hand polished, made from the finest materials, they are as beautiful to look at as they are to play.

«I can tune them in different ways and having always this great response.

Precision, power, body with an airy and singing sound.

It let you play with inspiration and freedom.

They are the best snares to me»

Tony Allen

Guillaume Carballido has taken lutherie’s secret for beautiful sound and applied it to snare drums.

Carballido drums are made from a single piece of solid wood that is meticulously hand shaped on a bending iron, without steam. The drum’s internal structure is made of maple rings and spruce bars, materials that allow optimal sensitivity and resonance.