Crafting your snare drum

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The snare drum is the primary drum. It is obviously where the drummer needs the widest range of sounds, and the most sensitive response.

Each shell is crafted and shaped by hand.  

Just as each drummer has their own rhythm, style, and aesthetic, each Carballido snare drum has its own quality and energy.

Guillaume Carballido - Luthier in Montpellier - France  -   guillaume.carballido (at)

Each drum is signed, with the mention of the customers name.

On your request, you can have pictures of the building process

of your own drum.

To discuss more about the orders, please send me first an email at :

guillaume.carballido(at) where you could describe a little the music you play (maybe send some video or audio links), your experience with snare drums (which drums you play, set-ups, tunings, drums you played or tried) or whatever remarks which seems usefull to you.

If you wish, you may also let your phone number and some hours and days when I could call you back for more sharing talk around snare drum and music (I can speak english «not so badly for a french guy», as they say, and spanish or italian speakers are also welcome).

I will invite you to collaborate with me to create your custom drum. This process is rich and full of possibilities. I will guide you through the choices of size, material, design, and sound architecture.

If it is really difficult to meet in person, we can work with audio files and phone or whattsap calls, but I do quite prefer to schedule a session in studio, where I would bring 3 or 4 snare drums I crafted, drums I «know» pretty well, heard on different stages, studios, under the stick of different drummers.

Then, we’ll be trying them, with different set-ups (heads, hoops, wires...), and discuss about sound and drums.

Once you find your favorite «range», you may hear what «special», which plus come with this snare drum making method.

This makes most of the the time , after finding the «right» set-up, the drummer to feel like «this is the one!», and then I would make a close copy of «the» one.

But the trying session brings generally also more clues, more ideas, which will give us design change ideas to push from the prefered drum (a little deeper or shallower shell, a thinner, thicker main ply, a little sharper, softer, larger edge, maybe the batter side edge will be different from the resonant head one...etc...).

Once the design is agreed, then back in the workshop as I begin to make the drum, listening to the shell resonance at each stage of the crafting, I may suggest slight adjustments, make remarks, because each piece of wood is different, and also because a «luthier» has to have this part of inspiration, having the faculty to make sure the result will be the best match to the drummer wishes I could «hear» during the session. We are talking of tenth of millimeter here or there, but, they might be important.

«I can tune them in different ways and having always this great response.

Precision, power, body with an airy and singing sound.

It let you play with inspiration and freedom.

They are the best snares to me»

Tony Allen