Musical moments

Hear and see Guillaume Carballido’s snare drums in a few different musical and sound treatment contexts.

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   Welcome            See and hear       Wood secrets        They have one        Making yours                 Bienvenue (french)

And ...

Tony Allen «Film of life», feat. Damon Albarn, Manu Dibango, Kuku Live on Spotify :

Reviews : (french)

Tony Allen’s autobiography :

Gregory Privat «Tales of Cyparis» - Sonny Troupe on drums (Album making-off, drums solo at 4’53’’) :

Jacky Terrasson : «Gouache» (Universal Music), feat. Justin Faulkner on drums, :

Stephane Belmondo «Ever after», feat. Gregory Porter, and Jonathan Blake on drums,

Ibrahim Maalouf «Red and Black light» album, Stephane Galland on drums :

live version :


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